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About Me :

I am an optimist by nature, like good things in life, I belive in love & I appreciate friendship. I love children, enjoy the beauty of nature, adore the sun, sea & mountains. I like animals, especially dogs which appeal to me with their grace, sincerity & ability to forgive. I am a romantic & sensitive boy, I don't like lies & hate unhonesty. I think that for a relationship well-being not only love is needed but also mutual respect, trust, understanding & soul generosity. I am sure that consideration, love & kindness will help the world.

I was born in Israel.
As soon as I realized what is going on, I had a computer in front of me.
It took me 7 years to understand that a computer is not everything in life and decided to start having fun!!! From that moment, the computer became the tool and NOT the aim.

I played hand ball over 6 years during high school and college, and won the Israel's championship league few times.

After 3 years of army service, I discovered some very interesting thing that life can offer in addition to Women (is it possible!!?) I also do other things like: Camping, Walking, Watching Movies, Cooking and some time relaxing as well...

Now days, I have settled down in Australia and love every minute of it.

Education and Occupation:
In the last 16 years I worked for several companies: With several titles: Now, I am working for Amdocs Ltd in Australia as a Senior Oracle DBA and Network Manager.


During the last 5 years I had the opportunity to travel around the world for business, studied different cultures and met new and intereseting people. I have visited over 20 countries and 5 continents, please visit the vacation page for more info.


I started my hobby at 'Prizma' club locating in Ein-Shemer, Israel on May 1995,
I started with static line course (terrible 5 jumps from 3,500 feet) and I don't know how I kept on (It was Ouri, my friend, responsibility).

After 30 jumps, 'Prizma' was closed and I discovered a great club-'FREESKIES' , in which I expanded my knowledge in skydiving and found it as a great company.

During the period as a skydiver I had the opportunity to visit Aquaba, Jordan at the POPS meeting. World Free Fall Convention in the US and others...

Up to date, I have 400 jumps, D license and the count has just began...

If you are interested about courses or places for skydiving just Mail Me or visit my skydiving page.

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